Hi, I’m Sandra

Before we get to me, let me double check some things, so we know for sure we’re the right fit.

Here’s what I know about you

  • You always knew that you wanted to work with pets.
  • You love making pets’ lives better.
  • You want to educate pet parents so they have happier lives with their companions.
  • You want to help the animals that don’t have a family to look out for them.
  • You also underestimated all the work needed on the other aspects of your business.
  • Your job is taking over your life because you don’t have a clear system to bring more clients.
  • You struggle financially, but believe in what you are doing, want to make good work, try to keep a positive attitude even though you realize you have great responsibility on your shoulders.

Does this sound like you?

Great! You’re in the right place.

Now about me

Sandra Vargas - Web designer & Illustrator

Sandra Vargas

Web designer & Illustrator


Blog: lifeanddoodles.com

Dog lover + Designer

I’ve loved dogs all my life, that’s one of the first things people know about me. I love watching them play, sleep, run, I find it adorable the way they tilt their head, I even find brushing their hair therapeutic, I’m sure you understand. I’ve been asked by different people why I didn’t become a veterinarian. I seriously considered it, but I took another route in the end.

Why I chose to be a designer

When I was a child I also loved drawing and things like solving puzzles. That’s why I decided to pursue a career that allowed me to do something I liked while still maintaining a sense of structure.

Thinking about it now, it was probably a misconception on my part, since you don’t really need to know how to draw to be a designer. But that’s another topic.

Being a designer allowed me to work on a variety of projects that solve specific problems, and it opened the door to web-related work. The solution for each project isn’t just “pretty.” Everything has a purpose and that’s one of the things I like most about this profession.

Going back to my roots

Now I want to use what I’ve learned in around 10+ years as a graphic designer and web developer, combine it with my love of pets and illustration and put it to use for the people whose profession and work I admire deeply – veterinarians.

I’ve worked as a freelancer and for small agencies, so I have experience in wearing multiple hats, needing to bootstrap things, and trying to figure things out step-by-painful-step.

I know how you feel

It’s really frustrating when you don’t know if what you’re doing is actually going to help you keep the lights on tomorrow. And sometimes there’s so much to do that you feel like you’re going around in circles.

Start reducing your uncertainty now

You can feel at ease and not wonder what you should do next thanks to a structured process designed to get you what you want most: more clients.