Veterinary Website

Effective communication

The process requires a close collaboration between you as the client and me, so you can tell me where you are right now in your business, what you expect from your new website, what made this change necessary at this time, etc. It will be my job to offer different solutions based on what you need and get your feedback on how you decide to proceed. And don’t worry, after we start you will stay informed throughout every stage and will also receive several deliverables along the way.

Clear Goal

Make sure your website is attractive enough to catch pet parents’ eye and useful enough to make them stay and check out what you have to offer. Together we’ll create a website that becomes visible to pet owners in your area, but going beyond that, there’s certain specific needs that come from being a veterinary website, for example: Is your clinic for small and large animal? Do you offer mobile services? What about emergencies or other specialties? Do you provide them yourself?

Having relevant information and resources at hand, especially when they need it most, will help you and your clients nurture a real bond based on trust and respect.


You’ll be handed an error-free website. The website will be tested for any bugs or errors on each stage, from the most common browser compatibility issues to accessibility issues, which are often ignored. This is a problem for people with disabilities or impairments that require help with their service dogs and/or their emotional support animals.


Talking about people with disabilities, according to the CDC, 1 in 4 US adults live with a disability, that’s a lot. There’s approximately 500,000 service dogs and a growing number of emotional support animals that help people every day. They all need care too.

No matter the severity of their disability, the owner should be able to easily accomplish what they want to do on your website. For example, imagine how frustrating it would be to want to book a checkup appointment for your dog that has been acting weird recently, but being unable to do so because you are blind, or lack the motor skills.

Let's work together!